Art Party Food

If you are hosting an art party, there are so many fun ideas for creating themed food! Especially if you decide on a “Rainbow Art party” like we did” Rainbow food is colorful, often healthy and so much fun to make. And there are all kinds of “art supplies” that you can make as well.

To display our art party food we used pretend paint cans, which were a fun and festive touch!

We had buckets of rainbow lollipops from Oriental Trading Company. Paint cans with paint rollers- dipped in paint of course! To make paint rollers dip marshmallows into rainbow colored chocolate and allow to dry. Then attach marshmallow to a stick cookie (like Pirouette cookies) or pretzel sticks. And paint cans with paint brushes. To make paint brushes use tootsie rolls to make the brush at the tip of pretzel sticks. Then dip them into colored chocolate. Paint stirrers too! To make paint stirrers just dip wafer cookies into rainbow colored chocolate and allow to dry.

Next we had a station to paint your own cookie! These cookies are adorable and easy to make with edible markers. The instructions are in this post!

Here are two other fun ideas…

Buy a new paint palette. Wash and dry it well. Then make colorful cake pops to sit in the paint wells to imitate a colorful paint palette! I love how our paint palette turned out! You can also make oreo truffles instead and coat them with rainbow colored chocolate.

This rainbow popcorn was fun to make and is so good! I found a recipe online for rainbow popcorn made with jello! It was surprisingly delicious. But you can also make cookies n cream rainbow popcorn. The recipe is here!

We also had these fun pencils made from mentos and a Hershey’s kiss; rainbow goldfish crackers, Rainbow fruit kebabs, paint stirrers (mikado dipped in colorful chocolate), pretzel sticks, a rainbow vegetable and meat and cheese tray, various different rainbow colored juices (red, orange, green, and yellow), and miniature sandwiches cut into various different shapes!

And to celebrate a rainbow art party you have to have a rainbow cake!

This rainbow drip pinata cake turned out so beautiful and colorful! The kids loved it.

There are so many fun ideas for rainbow and art themed food! Go crazy for your little one’s art party! The kids will love all the festive eats!

Happy art party! Eat something yummy!

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