7 Dec

An Extra Sweet Birthday

Making Gingerbread Houses for our December Baby! Covid is kind of a bummer. In fact, we’ve had to skip a couple birthdays, and Thanksgiving this year and Christmas will be limited too. I am looking forward to this particular season being over. And yet, there are still so many ways to make each day special […]


28 Jul

Super Sweet Summer un-Birthday

Do you love cherries? We love cherries, but they are also an adorable theme for a summer birthday party! Bright reds, greens and whites brighten up the room for your celebration. And why an un-birthday?! My daughter’s birthday was during the quarantine. And she was pretty bummed not to be able to celebrate with her […]


3 Jul

Around the Clock Wedding Shower

Have you ever been to a wedding shower? It’s like a bridal shower, but for the couple. And it is a perfect solution. It’s a great fir for couple’s who have both guys and girls for friends. It’s also a great solution for couples who do not love to be the center of attention, and […]


2 Jul

Bridal Shower

Che cos’è un Bridal shower? E qual’è la differenza fra un Bridal shower ed un addio al nubilato? Bridal Shower: La Bridal Shower è una festa per la sposa con le sue amiche e parenti. Di solito è un pò più formale del addio al nubilato. Spesso si fa un brunch la mattina, ci sono […]


14 Jan

Family Game Night!

It’s a little too easy to get sucked into the demands of each week, or to just binge watch something on Amazon or Netflix those rare nights that everyone is home. So instead of just surviving the busy week, we decided to get proactive! We set up a family game night. . . complete with […]


12 Jan

Hot Chocolate Bar

Creating a hot chocolate bar is a super easy and fun way to celebrate a winter gathering… whether that be a birthday, having friends over, or some other special occasion. It’s pretty easy too! I started with these cute little buckets. I filled one with Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Powder and the other with White […]


23 Nov

Charcuterie Board

Snack boards are such a fun and colorful way to welcome your guests! They are an easy appetizer, but beautiful and full of color as well. It is really easy to put your own snack board together for holiday hosting. This is a savory board, but sweet snack boards are also very festive. This is […]


20 Nov

Easy Thanksgiving Table

I am probably somewhere between elegant and bare minimum when it comes to holiday table settings. I love to get creative, to add festive touches, and sweet notes to welcome my guests, but I am not a silk tablecloth and crystal wine glasses type of gal. I like people, including families, to feel at home […]


16 Nov

5 Minute Appetizers!

Yesterday I shared my favorite easy roll recipe, made with pizza dough. They make amazing pizza appetizers for birthday parties and gatherings. They are easy no mess finger food that take only a few minutes to prepare. Today I want to share these mini cornettini, or mini crossaints. These will take you even less time […]


21 Oct

Favorite Things Party

If you are looking for a unique, fun and easy idea for a get-together with friends, or a holiday party, a Favorite things party is a great idea! I have thrown one a few times, and each time was a lot of fun. It is a great opportunity to get to know each other a […]