4 Nov

How to Make a Candy Cake

If you’ve got an important birthday coming up, try this fun and unique idea for the birthday boy or girl! You can use it as a gift for the birthday boy or girl, or you can do like we did, and use the candy cake as a party favor! As the end of the party, […]


23 Dec

Gingerbread Cookie Party

Supplies: Sugar cookies or Gingerbread cookies in the shape of houses (I created all different sizes and shapes of houses by hand in order to have a fun variety for the kids). Royal icing (I piped the borders on ahead of time and then supplied sac a poche with more royal icing to attach their […]


21 Dec

Christmas Tree Pastry Puff

This beautiful Christmas tree pastry puff is perfect for Christmas breakfast or brunch. It is perfect because it is festive and delicious, but also because it is sooooo easy! Supplies: Pastry puff dough/Filo dough (rectangle in form) Nutella (warmed slightly to make it easier to spread) Spatula, knife and pizza cutter Begin by opening one […]


8 Dec

Spa party Photo Booth

Create this easy photo booth with a few simple supplies: String curtain, purple balloons, paper butterflies and butterfly banner from Shein. Two make your balloon arch tie two balloons together at a time. Use different sizes of balloons in your pairs. Then tie your balloons one at a time around your string. Attach it to […]


7 Dec

An Extra Sweet Birthday

Making Gingerbread Houses for our December Baby! Covid is kind of a bummer. In fact, we’ve had to skip a couple birthdays, and Thanksgiving this year and Christmas will be limited too. I am looking forward to this particular season being over. And yet, there are still so many ways to make each day special […]


28 Jul

Super Sweet Summer un-Birthday

Do you love cherries? We love cherries, but they are also an adorable theme for a summer birthday party! Bright reds, greens and whites brighten up the room for your celebration. And why an un-birthday?! My daughter’s birthday was during the quarantine. And she was pretty bummed not to be able to celebrate with her […]


14 Jan

Family Game Night!

It’s a little too easy to get sucked into the demands of each week, or to just binge watch something on Amazon or Netflix those rare nights that everyone is home. So instead of just surviving the busy week, we decided to get proactive! We set up a family game night. . . complete with […]


12 Jan

Hot Chocolate Bar

Creating a hot chocolate bar is a super easy and fun way to celebrate a winter gathering… whether that be a birthday, having friends over, or some other special occasion. It’s pretty easy too! I started with these cute little buckets. I filled one with Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Powder and the other with White […]


23 Nov

Charcuterie Board

Snack boards are such a fun and colorful way to welcome your guests! They are an easy appetizer, but beautiful and full of color as well. It is really easy to put your own snack board together for holiday hosting. This is a savory board, but sweet snack boards are also very festive. This is […]


20 Nov

Easy Thanksgiving Table

I am probably somewhere between elegant and bare minimum when it comes to holiday table settings. I love to get creative, to add festive touches, and sweet notes to welcome my guests, but I am not a silk tablecloth and crystal wine glasses type of gal. I like people, including families, to feel at home […]