Bandaid Get Well Card

Get well soon!

It’s always hard when someone we love is sick! Especially for kiddos. Sometimes it’s hard for them to understand why Grandpa can’t visit or his best friend can’t come out to play.

Making a get well card is a great way for kids to process their frustration and show love for the people in their lives. It helps them think about the other person more than themselves and gives them a way to show their love.

These easy bandaid cards are easy and fun to make. Your kiddos can get super creative in making bandaid families, pets, or singular bandaid people to say “Get well soon”…I’m thinking of you!


  • Bandaids
  • Pens
  • Cardstock paper

To begin pick out which bandaids you would like to use and help your kiddos think of fun ways to use them. Maybe you can make a Mom, Dad, and child with three different sizes of bandaids, like in the photo, or you can make to friends hugging with the same size bandaids. Let them choose what they would like to create.

Stick the bandaids on your card and then use pens to add details to your bandaid people!

Write a nice message inside your card and then bring it to your loved ones home or if they are far away send it by mail!

These easy cards take little time to create, but are such a sweet way to say, I’m thinking of you!

Happy creating!

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