8 Aug

Paper Flowers

Supplies: Large colored paper plate Small paper plate Scissors Brad Long wooden stick (we used a long skewer) Green paint, pain pens, or marker Two green paper leaves Begin by cutting even lines all around your plates, leaving a small circle at the center. We cute the rim off the small plate to make it […]


17 Jul

5 Fun Water Games

Beach towel balloon toss Waterballoons Beach towels Make two teams of minimum 2 people on each team. The objective is toss the water balloons from one beach towel to the other. It’s a hilarious game with water balloons flying everywhere! It’s perfect for a birthday party or family gathering. And you only need a couple […]


11 Mar

Un Immagine Distorta

Durante il mio percorso di guarigione dal disturbo alimentare ho capito in piccola parte cosa mi aveva portata in quel tunnel nel quale non trovavo via d’uscita. Ho capito che parole dette durante la mia infanzia, soprattutto durante i miei 10/11 anni, periodo in cui tutti gli adolescenti vivono la fase di cambiamento del proprio […]


21 Feb

HUG Monsters!

Who doesn’t LOVE hugs?!??! February is love month and our house and we try to show each other a little extra love! These HUG monsters are the cutest way to say I love you! For Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or just because. It’s also a fun surprise for Grandma and Grandpa! To send […]


21 Dec

Christmas Tree Ornament

This Christmas tree craft is perfect for preschoolers and toddlers, because of it’s simplicity. Create this wooden Christmas tree with your preschooler this holiday season. Supplies: Green pens, green crayons and green paint Paint brush Wooden craft popsicle sticks Decorations for your tree Instructions: You need three popsicle sticks. Cut off the ends at a […]


20 Dec

Wooden Reindeer Ornament

Supplies: Wood rounds Miniature red pom poms Black permanent pens and/or googley eyes Brown paper, scissors, hot glue gun Brown paint, paint brush Instructions: Paint your wood round brown. Allow it to dry completely. Cut out your antlers from brown paper. Glue them to the wood round. Add your googley eyes or draw your eyes […]


1 Dec

Christmas: A season for giving

Christmas is a season for giving. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive. In honor of this season I want to share this unique advent calendar with you! Every day, instead of receiving a candy or some other small gift, your little ones can open their box and receive a simple challenge […]


16 Nov

Pumpkin craft for Preschoolers

This easy pumpkin craft is perfect for hand eye coordination for your littles. It is also great for decorating for the Fall or even to make a miniature version and use for a napkin ring at the Thanksgiving table! The steps could not be an easier!! And you only need a few supples: Orange and […]


11 Nov

Snowman Popsicle Stick Craft

Supplies: Wooden craft sticks Black, white and pink paint Black marker Orange felt or foam paper Scissors, glue, hot glue gun Instructions: Place 5 wider wooden sticks or 6-7 narrow sticks in a row vertically. Lay one stick on top horizontally at a slight angle. Glue the back of the horizontal stick and lay it […]


9 Nov

10 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities

Keep your little ones busy this Thanksgiving season with tons of super cute crafts. There are also a few fun activities with a great lesson for an attitude of gratitude in our families! Pinecone Turkeys are easy to make and a sweet keepsake made with your kiddos little handprints! You only need a few simple […]