22 Aug

Polignano dal Mare

Polignano is one of my favorite cities in Puglia. It is built on a cliffside and overlooks the Adriatic sea. The water is crystal clear bluish-green, and the views from the city are beautiful. But this last weekend we were able to experience the view from the sea for the first time and it was […]


4 Jun

Candy Kebabs

School is out! Celebrate your kiddos surviving the school year by making them a candy kebab! It’s a special treat for a special occasion. They are really easy to make! You just need kebab sticks and soft candy: marshmallows work great, but so do gummy candies. Slide each candy onto your stick from the pointed […]


14 May

Back to School Pencil Pouch

Create your own DIY Pencil Pouch Supplies: Material Old Jeans Measuring tape/Ruler Patches Sewing Scissors Needle and thread Zipper Chalk or pencil for marking your fabric Steps: 1- Cut off a piece of your jeans between the knee and just below where the pocket is sewed in. 2- Measure how wide you want the top […]


1 Apr

Dying Easter Eggs

Have a little extra fun this year dying your Easter eggs! Create themed eggs! We had fun this year creating a few characters for our eggs! Create your own characters with us! It’s easy and fun. Supplies: Hard boiled eggs Food coloring Vinegar Edible pens are great for adding details like a smile, eyes or […]


17 Mar

Whipped Cream Easter Eggs

Dye your Easter eggs with this unique technique & strange ingredient! This technique is a lot of fun and your kids will enjoy playing with the whipped cream! Supplies: Food Coloring Whipped cream Large pan (at least a 9×12) Hard boiled eggs Plastic gloves First hard boil your eggs and then allow them to cool. […]


11 Feb

Table Talk

How is your table talk?! When you sit at the table is everyone tempted to be on their phone? To watch TV? Do you only get yes or no in answer to your questions? How can you make table time more special? We asked ourselves this question a few years back… and came up with […]


4 Feb

Painting with Food!

Painting with food?! How fun is that!???! What a fun way to change things up with your kiddos and to do something completely unique! Grab various food items that you think might work, and give it a try! We started with “roses”. We made our beautiful roses with the base of Chard plant (Bietole in […]


31 Jan

Valentine Card Holders

Love Month Challenge 2021! Before we get to the fun part and see how to make these too cute love note holders, let’s talk Love Month Challenge. According to the work of John Gottman and Robert Levenson, who closely studied the effects of negativity with couples, the suggested ratio is 5:1, meaning that for every negative encounter, there should be a […]


25 Jan

Crayon Melt Artwork

Crayon melt artwork is so much fun! When I was little, and my Mom was a preschool teacher, she had a hot plate covered with foil where you could make crayon melt artwork in her preschool class. And it was ALWAYS my favorite thing to do! My kids favorite too! This art project is similar […]


20 Jan

Sun Catchers

If you, like me, need something to brighten up these winter days, then these sun catchers are the perfect project for you and your family! You only need a few basic supplies and they are truly fun to make! Supplies: White glue Black acrylic paint Squeeze bottle Plastic document sleeve (see photo). Rigid is best! […]