Who is Dolceamericana?

Hi, I’m Carli, Creator of Dolceamericana! I am so glad you are here. I’m an event stylist, imperfect Mamma of 3, psychologist and new blogger! Baking and crafting are something I always did with my Mom growing up, and something that has helped me feel closer to home since moving to Italy. It has also been a fun way to create memories with my kiddos, just like I did with my own Mom. I started this blog because I want everyone to feel like no matter what the size of your house or your budget, no matter what your schedule or natural ability to create or bake, you can make sweet memories with your family!


Why “Dolceamericana”?

The name is a play on words in Italian:  A “Dolce Americano” is an American dessert.  A “Dolce Americana” is a sweet American. I chose it as my Instagram name when I first moved here and it just stuck. I am a native Seattleite living in Southern Italy.  While I will always love the PNW, Italy has been my home for the last 15 years. Italy is a truly beautiful place and culture, but it also comes with its own adventures and challenges — like figuring out how to make an American recipe or plan a party or event in a place where it’s not always possible to find all the things you need! I have figured out some tricks along the way that I will share with you.


What can you expect?

Remember those books, “X guide for Dummies” (Auto repair for dummies, Chess for dummies, etc)? There was every possible subject! I wanted to create a space where no one feels like the dummy. Where you feel like creating, baking and party making are possible for you and your family with many basic tips, recipes and suggestions to help you along the way. You can expect to find party planning help, printables for all your hosting needs, fool-proof recipes, fun activities for your special event, creative parenting suggestions, activities to do with your littles at home and a small snapshot of my Italian life. 



Why choose this site?

When I began throwing parties for my own children, I would visit party planning sites and leave feeling perplexed. I would think “What in the world do they DO at these breathtakingly beautiful parties?!” I saw photos of beautiful dessert tables with lovely decorations, and I would wonder if the kids were bored out of their minds or quickly destroying the decor once the photo was taken.  I also saw the giant, beautiful homes or venues pictured, knowing their budget was far beyond mine.  So I started to ask myself, How can I create something magical in a small space without breaking the bank?


My hope is to help make your memories sweet by rendering crafting, baking and events a little more approachable for everyone! Summed up in 9 words,  “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”


I am far from perfect, but I am a mom who loves my kids and desires to create memories for them and with them. I want to help YOU create sweet memories with your loved ones no matter what your house, budget, or schedule looks like, because LIFE IS WORTH CELEBRATING!


So to all my fellow “imperfect mammas” out there who desire to create memories with your littles, enjoy!  May you find a little inspiration and a lot of help here at Dolceamericana.


Thanks for coming! I hope you’ll come back to visit soon!