7 Jul

DIY Pokeball Decoration

These Pokeballs are made of paper plates! They are easy to make and a fun decoration for your Pokemon fan! The original idea was to use them as a back drop for the photo booth, but when another solution popped up, they were perfect as a decoration to tie everything together in the backyard. Supplies: […]


11 Jun

Donut & Shopping

A quale teenager non piace fare lo shopping?? Ed i donut!? A le mie ragazze piace fare lo shopping e la mia figlia più grande adora i donut! In fatti, ogni tanto li fa lei o li facciamo insieme. Quindi quest’anno per il suo compleanno aveva il desiderio di avere le sue amiche a casa […]


4 Jun

Candy Kebabs

School is out! Celebrate your kiddos surviving the school year by making them a candy kebab! It’s a special treat for a special occasion. They are really easy to make! You just need kebab sticks and soft candy: marshmallows work great, but so do gummy candies. Slide each candy onto your stick from the pointed […]


17 May

Star Wars Games

Jedi Training Academy Star Wars is a fun theme for a birthday party. There are a lot of games and activities that go well with the theme. My favorite is to create a Jedi training academy and invite your guests to attend! While the kids are arriving give them an activity to keep busy until […]


14 May

Star Wars Galaxy Party

Food ideas for a Star Wars Party! There are a lot of fun ideas for a Star Wars party! Like Galaxy donuts and galaxy themed cupcakes and of course a beautiful Star Wars themed cake at the center of the table. If you add a few themed labels to your water bottles and soda pop […]


1 Apr

Dying Easter Eggs

Have a little extra fun this year dying your Easter eggs! Create themed eggs! We had fun this year creating a few characters for our eggs! Create your own characters with us! It’s easy and fun. Supplies: Hard boiled eggs Food coloring Vinegar Edible pens are great for adding details like a smile, eyes or […]


17 Mar

Whipped Cream Easter Eggs

Dye your Easter eggs with this unique technique & strange ingredient! This technique is a lot of fun and your kids will enjoy playing with the whipped cream! Supplies: Food Coloring Whipped cream Large pan (at least a 9×12) Hard boiled eggs Plastic gloves First hard boil your eggs and then allow them to cool. […]


16 Mar

Fun & Games

Construction Party Start off the party fun with a photo booth! It is a great way to make sure all of your guests are in at least 1 photo and that they each get a photo with the birthday boy! It’s also a fun idea to print the photos out as a thank you for […]


15 Mar

Work in Progress

Construction Party themed food Themed party food adds such a festive touch to your party! Kids and adult alike love to read the labels and associate the foods with your theme. It’s pretty easy to do with everyday foods, you just need to get a little creative! I’ll share a few fun ideas with you […]


14 Mar

Work in Progress

Construction Theme Birthday Party This theme is so much fun for a birthday boy or for a Mamma who is expecting a baby boy! The bright colors constrasting with the black are so festive! There are so many fun ideas for decorations, activities and themed food! One of the most fun things about this theme […]