25 Feb

Drive-in Theatre

When you live in a new country, sometimes you lose the opportunity to do the outings and activities you did at home on a regular basis. When I first moved to Italy there were not malls in our area. I didn’t go to the mall very often at home, but I loved going at Christmas […]


1 Dec

Christmas: A season for giving

Christmas is a season for giving. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive. In honor of this season I want to share this unique advent calendar with you! Every day, instead of receiving a candy or some other small gift, your little ones can open their box and receive a simple challenge […]


30 Nov

Natale: La stagione per dare

A Natale abbiamo ricevuto il dono più grande! Gesù! Quindi quest’anno invece di utilizzare un calendario del avvento pieno di cioccolatine, usa un calendario per mostrare quanto sei riconoscente per tutto ciò che avete ricevuto, un calendario per servire gli altri e dare in dietro! Ho creato questo calendario per voi e per la mia […]


4 Jun

Candy Kebabs

School is out! Celebrate your kiddos surviving the school year by making them a candy kebab! It’s a special treat for a special occasion. They are really easy to make! You just need kebab sticks and soft candy: marshmallows work great, but so do gummy candies. Slide each candy onto your stick from the pointed […]


11 Feb

Dolceamericana Stampe GRATIS

Conversazione a Tavola


10 Dec

Let’s Have a Llama fun!

Shopping party… This year I did a surprise party for my youngest. She woke up on her birthday and the table was already set. Her friends arrived shortly thereafter to surprise her with a pancake birthday breakfast! It was easy to prepare, the girls had fun and my daughter was truly surprised! The fun has […]


27 Nov

Last Minute Thanksgiving Game!

Here’s an easy last minute Thanksgiving activity for you and your guests. Divide everyone up into teams. Set your timer for 2 minutes and have each team write down at least one (sincere) item for each letter in the time they have! The team with the most items wins (a prize)!! But the answers can […]


25 Oct

Customized Printables

Coming soon to the blog! Customized printables for every occasion! Birthday Packages Invitations Word art Water bottle labels Cupcake toppers Banners Stickers Gifts Cards Party planning list & organizer Send me an email if you interested in ordering your own customized party supplies for your special occasion! Visit me on Instagram to see of the […]


27 Sep

Stampe Dolceamericana

Le stampe Dolceamericana sono fatti su misura per il tuo evento. Presto avrò alcuni esempi che potete già scegliere o potete richiedere un tema adatta al tuo evento speciale! Tornate presto a trovarci ed a scoprire le novità! AL MOMENTO STAMPABILI PERSONALIZZABILI SONO DISPONIBILI TRAMITE EMAIL Visitate il mio account su instagram per visualizzare stampe […]


6 Sep

Free Fall Printables

Fall is my favorite time of year!! Enjoy a few Fall printables to celebrate the season… Free Fall Printables: Free Thanksgiving Printables: