Star Wars Galaxy Party

Food ideas for a Star Wars Party!

There are a lot of fun ideas for a Star Wars party!

Like Galaxy donuts and galaxy themed cupcakes and of course a beautiful Star Wars themed cake at the center of the table.

If you add a few themed labels to your water bottles and soda pop bottles it makes it even more festive!

Or make some green soda pop and call it Yoda Soda!


  • Green Apple juice (make sure it is green in color)
  • Lime sherbet
  • Sprite

Another fun idea is to make a cake roll and cover it with fondant to make it look like a lightsaber!

You can also make subway style sandwiches look like lightsabers by wrapping them in foil and then covering 3/4 of the foil with red or bright blue napkins to look like a light saber.

Throw in a few death stars (anything round and dark chocolate) and wookie cookies!

And you can make pretzel sticks or Mikado cookies with red and white chocolate to look like light sabers. Or make tie fighters out of crackers and cheese or marshmallows and Oreo cookies.

Or just make some baggies with Star Wars popcorn and put a cute themed sticker to seal the baggie.

No matter what you do I am sure that your little Star Wars lover will be thrilled! Just grab a galaxy themed tablecloth, themed plates and cups and an awesome galaxy themed balloon backdrop.

May the fourth be with you!

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