Turkey Cups

These cute little Turkey cups are fun for keeping your colors or pens in for all your Thanksgiving day games, placemats and activities, for storing your plastic forks on your dessert table or with an adorable straw to drink out of at the kid’s table!

They are really easy to make too!


  • Recycled paper cups
  • Colored paper
  • Glue, hot glue, and/or double-sided tape
  • Googley eyes, or black and white pens

Begin by making a template for your head and feathers. Then cut out as many heads and feathers as you will need for your cups. We used approximately 5 feathers for every cup.

Attach your Turkey head to the underside of the rim of your paper cup with some hot glue and fold it gently up to secure it in place.

Next add all of your feathers directly opposite/on the other side of your cup from your turkey head. We used double-sided tape for this step.

Lastly add optional wings if you would like! I made one with wings and one without. I think I prefer the one with wings in the end…

You can add some funny signs for your Turkey to hold like, “Save the Turkeys”, “Eat more Chicken” or “Happy Turkey Day”.

That’s it! Your adorable creation is ready to go! Let me know how you decide to use your Turkey cup this Thanksgiving! I think we are going to use ours with some cute straws for cups at the kid’s table!

Happy Creating!

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