The Thanksgiving Kid’s Table

Let’s face it. The kid’s table is the cool place to be on Thanksgiving day! I stayed at the kid’s table for as long as I could.

Extra treats, cool placemats, things to color! What’s not to love?

This Thanksgiving create something special for the little ones in your home to enjoy!

You can make cute little place cards like these Turkey Surprise Balls, or a sweet pilgrim’s hat with their name on it!

Then make a Thankful box as a centerpiece, or give one to each of your little guests! It’s a great way to encourage gratitude and thankfulness!

Next make sure that your little ones have a fun placemat at their table setting! Set out a bunch of crayons or colored pencils and let them have fun playing games and coloring while they wait for their food or have to sit still and listen to grandpa’s stories during the meal.

Free Printable Placemat for your Thanksgiving kid’s table

Last of all make sure that your little ones have a Thanksgiving game to play while they sit around and watch the grown ups talk!!

This Object Search game is lots of fun. Print out one of the answer sheets and an object search game for each kiddo. See who can find all of the objects or who can find the objects the fastest.

Don’t forget to add a few fun treats just for the kiddos!

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful! So let’s make it fun for everyone this year! With a little extra effort your kiddos will happy to sit down a few extra minutes at the table…. And note that I said a few extra minutes. Because, well…they are still kids!

Happy Thanksgiving Prep this month! Please make sure to join the Gratitude Challenge this November 2020! You don’t have to sign up for anything. Just read the post print out the free printables and enjoy the daily time as a family spent being thankful.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough!

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