Mini Bunny Easter Bags

Do you make Easter baskets, boxes or bags for your family? When I was little I always looked forward to them. I remember one year my parents brought my white bunny Buffy in and put her down by the baskets right before I we came in! I was convinced that my bunny was the Easter bunny in disguise!

Easter baskets are not really a standing tradition for us here in Italy. In fact, seeing as though it is not an Italian tradition, we have not done baskets more than once or twice with our own kids. But this year when Spring rolled around I wanted to do something special for the kids- just to love on them. It was a big year, and a tough one at times. Our oldest started high school (yikes!) and all the pressures that come with it. And our youngest finished up elementary school, which is complete with exams at the end of the year here (Invalsi). So this year we made these cute little bunny bags together and then I went shopping at Flying Tiger to find them a few little treats and prizes!

These bunny bags are too cute and super easy! All you need are these adorable white box-bags from the dollar store, google eyes, pom poms, cotton balls and construction paper.

I found a lot of adorable goodies to fit in their bag at Flying Tiger: from slime, to popz candy, to notepads, hair bands, water balloons, and tic tacs. I also threw in these adorable Rice Krispie treat eggs:

If you just want to do something small for your kiddos then these mini bags are just right. You can make your own little goodie bags without breaking the bank! If you don’t have a dollar store near you, any white box or bag will do the trick! Just adjust the size of your ears, eyes and pom poms!

Happy Easter prep!

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