Easter Treats

These easy Easter egg Rice Krispie treats were fun to make with the kids and even more fun to eat! You can find the recipe here.

To make the eggs, all you need to do is follow the original steps all the way until you press the treats into a greased 9×13 glass pan. Then use an egg cookie cutter and gently press it onto the treats in order to create an outline of your egg shape. Cut out the egg shape. And then gently mold it with your hands until it takes on a perfect oval shape. This is easier to do when the treat dough is still warm. Allow to cool completely. When the treats have cooled completely dip them in colorful pastel melting chocolates and decorate them with sprinkles or decorating sugar if desired!

This is a really easy “baking” project to do with kids. My kids helped with making the treats, but their favorite part was decorating them at the end! They created their own designs. It was as fun as decorating Easter eggs, but they got to eat them afterwards!

We made these for my kiddo’s Easter baskets so I finished by putting them in cute bags with pastel bows.

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