This Little Piggy

The cutest little activity for a Farm themed birthday or just to make for fun with your kiddos!


  • Printables
  • Pink paper bag
  • Glue and/or double sided tape
  • Google eyes

Print out the printables below and cut out as many as you need. I printed the tail, ears and feet on pink paper so that I would not need to color them later. The noses I wanted a different shade of pink and so I printed them out colored.

Color in the center of the ears and glue them onto the top of the bag. Make sure you glue on the side that has the flap.

Cut out the foot/arm strip, fold it in half and cut down the middle. Glue the two arms to the back of your paper bag.

Cut in a circular motion to create a tail out of your circle. Use double sided tape or glue to stick the tail to the back of your bag.

Add google eyes, and your nose to the front flap.

That’s it! You have your own adorable little piggy!

Happy crafting!

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