Gnome Christmas Ornaments

If you love gnomes then this adorable little Christmas gnome is for you!

They are easy to make with just a few simple supplies:

  • Red yard
  • White yarn
  • Toilet paper or paper towel roll
  • Scissors
  • wooden beads or wooden spheres

Begin by cutting 8 inch strips of red string. You’ll need a lot of strips of string, approximately 50-100, depending on the size of the toilet paper roll.

Next create a pom pom. You can use one of two techniques:

1- Fork Pom Pom: Use a large serving fork. Wrap the white yarn in a figure eight shape around the side of the fork, twisting it in the middle and wrapping it around the other side of the fork. Make a really thick figure eight on your fork- about an inch thick. Slide the yarn off the fork and tie a piece of white yarn at the center of the figure eight. Tie it tight!! You’ll have two sets of loops on each side of the piece of yarn you tied around the center. Cut through all of the loops to create a pom pom.

2- Paper Towel Roll Pom Pom: The general idea is the same, except that you wrap your white yarn around the toilet paper roll instead. Repeat all of the other steps just like you would for the fork pom pom.

Set your pom pom aside.

To make your hat: Cut a strip of your toilet paper roll, about 1/3 of an inch wide. Make a loop with the red string, wrap the looped part around your toilet paper circle (see photo) and pull the two loose ends of the string through the middle of the loop on the toilet paper roll circle. Keep adding red string loops until the toilet paper roll circle is completely covered.

Push your red yarn through in the other direction and tie the top of it together with a piece of red string. Trim the top of the tied of red string to look like the pom pom of your hat.

Glue your white pom pom into the red hat with a hot glue gun. Shape the white pom pom into the shape of a beard. Add the wooden bead right under the brim of your hat with a hot glue gun.

Add a hook or string to the hat if you’d like to use your gnome as an ornament.

Enjoy the holidays with your gnomies!

Merry merry Christmas

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