Pumpkin craft for Preschoolers

This easy pumpkin craft is perfect for hand eye coordination for your littles. It is also great for decorating for the Fall or even to make a miniature version and use for a napkin ring at the Thanksgiving table!

The steps could not be an easier!! And you only need a few supples:

  • Orange and green beads
  • Chenille stems (green or orange)

Begin by stringing your beads onto the chenille stem. You will want all of the orange beads at the center. Save the green beads for the end.

Now twist the ends of the stem to close your circle and hold your two pieces together. Slide the green beads over both pieces at the same time. Fold the excess over the beads as in photo number 2, or trim them and fold the end back down into the green bead as in photo 3.

Photo 3 shows the miniature version that we made to use as napkin rings! They add a festive touch… perfect for the kids table!

Happy thanksgiving prep… how are you getting ready?!

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