DIY Pokeball Decoration

These Pokeballs are made of paper plates! They are easy to make and a fun decoration for your Pokemon fan!

The original idea was to use them as a back drop for the photo booth, but when another solution popped up, they were perfect as a decoration to tie everything together in the backyard.


  • Black tape
  • Red paper plates
  • White paper plates (they must be the same size!)
  • White and black construction paper
  • Scissors, and glue

Begin by cutting all of your plates in half.

Then place a strip of black tape across the flat side of your red paper plate. You want the tape to be on the front side of the plate with the sticky part half way on your red plate and half way sticking off (see second photo). DO NOT CUT OFF THE END OF THE TAPE.

Attach your white plate to your red plate with the excess tape then is hanging over the flat edge. Then continue to wrap your black tape around the entire two plates halves so that it is both on the back and front side of your now whole plate.

After you have secured your two plate halves together make all the rest of the pokeballs that you will be needing!

When you are done cut out the same number of white circles and black circles out of your construction paper. The black circle should be slightly larger in diameter than the white circle.

Glue the white circles on top of the black circles. Glue the completed circles onto the center of your Pokeball plate.

As seen on Oriental Trading Company: Fun365

You now have a completed pokeball decoration! Easy-peasy and oh so fun!

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