Valentines Day Qtip Art

Creating an adorable heart with your kiddos is easy and fairly mess-free! It’s a great project for various ages.


  • Qtips
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Scissors

To make this heart begin by squirting your paint onto a plastic paint and setting out a tub of Qtips, plastic cups of water and several napkins or paper towels.

Cut out a heart template from a piece of paper and use masking tape or painter’s tape to secure it onto your canvas or card stock paper.

Once you have secured your heart, begin by dipping your Qtip into the paint. Alternating paint colors dab little Qtip dots all around the edge of your heart. After you have edged the heart template, you can continue to add other paint dots spreading away from your heart.

That’s it!

So easy and lots of fun! Painting with Qtips creates very little mess, but do put a placemat or tablecloth down to protect your table just in case!

These hearts are fun for making homemade Valentine’s Day cards, or just for hanging on the wall for decoration this February!

Happy Creating!

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