Frozen Party Food & Fun

Party food should be fun! Especially for a child’s birthday! I love creating fun themed food, like the various ideas you will find here below!

Tasty Eats:

A few great ideas for Frozen themed food are:

  • Cookie cutter sandwiches in the shape of snowflakes
  • Popcorn (snowballs)
  • Mini Carrots (Olaf’s nose)
  • Pretzel stick’s (Olaf’s arms)

I had a few non themed savory items as well such as pizza bites and mini panzerotti.

Sweet Treats:

There are so many fun sweet treats to add to your Frozen themed table!

  • Like snowman white chocolate dipped Oreos (see above photo)
  • Or Sven the reindeer Peanut butter sandwich cookies (see above photo)
  • Kristoff’s blocks of ice (blue jello [see below photo])
  • Marshmallow’s snowballs (marshmallows and cake pops covered in white chocolate [you can just barely make them out in the below photo])
  • Icicles (blue rock candy lollipops)
  • A snowy mountain cake with Frozen colored layers too!

And if that wasn’t enough…

I set up a station where the girls could make their own Frozen ice cream cones or hot chocolate with all kinds of fun treats and toppings to throw in! My favorite part was that I dipped each cone in white chocolate and rolled them in blue sugar crystals and snowflake sprinkles! They looked adorable!

Here is our little Snow Queen and her cake!

The cake was half Rice Krispie Treat covered in chocolate, and half layered vanilla cake in Frozen’s blue, purple and pink colors.

This 6 year old was a happy princess.

I hope you find some inspiration for your next Frozen birthday party!

Life is worth Celebrating!

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