Gumdrop Tree

Nothing is cuter, and more tasty, than a Christmas gumdrop tree!


  • Foam cone
  • Toothpicks
  • Gumdrops (I chose red and green Spiceletts, but you can do a rainbow gumdrop tree or a tree in that is all the same color as well)


You will need approximately 1.5 bags for a 6 inch cone.

This could not be any easier! Just slide your toothpicks into the foam tree spacing them just far enough apart to have your gumdrops touching and cover the white of the cone.

Once you have place the toothpick in gently add your gumdrop!

Line the whole height of your tree with a row of gumdrops, and then go in (or out) from there. In this way, you are certain that you can space your drops evenly!

It’s that easy!

It makes for an adorable decoration, centerpiece or place card (if you use a mini version).

Happy Christmas Creating!

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