Tie Dye Party

My oldest turned 16. Somehow that happened. Although I don’t know how it is possible. We decided to celebrate his day with an all-day party plan!

He went to sushi for lunch with his closest friends and then took a walk and went shopping in the big city near us (Bari). They came back home by train in the afternoon and we decided to do tie dye (my son had been wanting to try it anyways).

We bought our tie dye kit on Amazon and asked everyone to bring their own item to tie dye. The kit came with gloves, aprons, 18 different colors and instructions (including different design ideas).

For all of our tips and tie dying methods be sure to visit this post!

Make your own Cupcake Bar

We finished up with a make your own cupcake bar.

I made several different colors of frosting and set up a table with lots of cupcakes and toppings. For toppings there was everything from Oreos, to gummy bears, to sprinkles, to mini chocolate chips! I filled several bags with blue, green, purple and other colors of frosting and gave them my set of frosting tips so that they could experiment with decorating their own cupcakes.

They were not particularly creative or artistic, but went more for the MORE IS MORE theory! LOL. They piled the frosting on high and the toppings on even higher!

This is a fun idea for a party because each kid can create something that is appealing to them. I even put out Nutella and Twix spread for those who don’t care for frosting to use as a spread instead.

After cupcakes we ate pizza and watched a movie. Then the girls headed home and the guys stayed the night.

Here is one of the customized printables from the party!

It was the perfect way to celebrate our 16 year old! We are so blessed!!

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