The cutest little cloth headband

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My cutie patootie daughter created these headbands on her own. They are pretty easy to make and require minimal sewing (by hand). If you would like a more finished look, then you can easily sew the edges of your material scraps before wrapping them together to create the headband.


  • Sewing scissors
  • Material
  • Thread and needle

Begin by cutting out two strips of material of equal length. The length of the material depends on the size of your head. To measure the length of your material use a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head, wrapping the tape from your forehead to the base of your neck (see photo). Cut the material an 1/4 inch longer than your head circumference so you have space to sew it shut.

The width also depends on your preference. We cut some strips approximately 2 inches, and others at 1 inch. It depends on the looks that you are going for! Try holding a scrap around your head to estimate how wide you would like it!

Here you can see the beginning of two headbands. One was created with two wide strips of material (approximately 2 inches) the other was created with 4 thin pieces of material (approximately 1/2 inch in width once we straightened out the cut edges of the material).

Next you need to lay the material wrong side up in the shape of an x or a cross. Laying one piece of material on top of the other (see video).

Lastly sew the ends of your fabric together. Make sure you measure the fabric around your head one last time before you begin sewing to make sure that it is the right length. My daughter did this step by hand, but you can easily use your machine and zoom right through this step.

That’s it! Now you have endless possibilities for super cute headbands. I think they are perfect for washing my face, exercise and doing chores around the house.

Some of the fancy more “finished” fabrics are perfect for going out on the town too!

Happy creating!

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