Family is the Greatest Treasure

Adoption Shower

“However motherhood comes to you, it’s a miracle.”

Valarie Harper

Adoption is such an important decision! It is the opportunity to meet the needs of a child or children. It is a chance to love someone who needs to be loved. To be a family for someone who needs a family.

And so I love love love the idea of an adoption shower!

Adopted parents need to be showered with love just as much as biological parents do!

I organized this little party for our dear friends who just adopted two boys (it was organized with the help of another friend). We decided on a pirate/sea theme: “Family is the Greatest Treasure”. It was a chance for their new little family to celebrate the arrival of the boys to their forever home with their family and relatives.

I made these little favor boxes for the kiddos at the welcome party! Aren’t these pirates adorable?! The little white boxes are from the dollar store, and I handmade each box for the big day.

The cupcakes were one of the best parts of this little celebration! I made a cupcake cake in the shape of a treasure map. And I also made several of these little pirate ships.

The banner was also personalized for the big day! You can see how it turned out in this photo of the table backdrop!

I set up this super fun pirate ship for the photobooth! I just used a giant flat cardboard box from Amazon (a TV size box would be perfect). And opened it half way. Then I covered the box with brown poster board to turn it into a ship. Lastly I added the windows. The photobooth props were all customized for the big day! I love the “It’s o-fish-al!” sign personally!! LOL

Unfortunately I cannot show photos of the happy kiddos and their arrival to their forever home. But rest assured that it was a super happy day!

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