Cupcake Liner Flowers for Mom

Homemade Mother’s Day cards are the best! I love the sweet notes that my kids write me. It blesses me more than any breakfast in bed. . .although that would be nice too!! LOL

My youngest and I worked on these adorable cupcake liner flowers for Mother’s day cards for a few sweet Mammas in our lives. They are really easy to make too!


  • cupcake liners
  • chenille stem
  • paper
  • buttons
  • glue

Fold your cupcake liner in half and flatten it. Then fold it in half again. Use a gluesitck to hold the folded liner together.

Once you have created several of your flower petals, begin gluing them onto your paper, overlapping and layering as you go.

When you are done make sure all of the petals are glued on and that each liner is “closed” with glue, so that it stays in a triangle shape. Then add your button to the center of your flower with a hot glue gun.

Lastly add your chenille stem and petals to you flower. Allow your creation to dry completely and then write your Mother’s day message for Mom.

We wrote: Happy Mother’s Day on the outside and “Roses are red, violet’s are blue, there is no mother more special than you!” on the inside.

Personalize your card with whatever message fits your Mom best.

Happy Mother’s Day Mammas!!

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