Let’s Color!

Coloring is an activity for the whole family! There is also research that shows that coloring relaxes us. It is a way for us to turn off our thoughts and certain parts of our brain and concentrate on coloring, giving our brains and bodies time to relax and unwind.

So, let’s spend an evening with everyone gathered around the table! It is such a great way to interact, laugh and talk together!

The poster is free and you can download and print it directly from your printer at home so that you can start coloring right away!

Or if you prefer, create your own poster! Get a roll of paper from an easel, a poster board or attach several small sheets of paper together with scotch tape to create your own poster. Then decide on a theme together! Your favorite book, TV show, a place you would like to visit or your favorite memory from this time in quarantine. Next lay your poster on the ground, and start drawing! Create a scene and then color it in all together!

When you have finished your poster, hang it up somewhere special in your house to remember the fun evening you spent together.

Just click on each individual image to download it

Take a photo of your poster and tag it on Instagram with #dolceamericana to show us your amazing work of art! And add your favorite details to it too! Birds flying in the air, a prince to save the princess, a troll hiding in the hill! Make up your own story and finish the poster in your own special way!

And if you want to keep coloring…. here are a few other free coloring printable mini posters so you can relax and color the night away!

Happy Creating!

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