A Perfect Puppet Show

Creating a puppet show is a perfect way to spend some time together with the TV off during Easter vacation or during these days in quarantine.

Create some cute puppets with your kiddos and then help them create a fun theater to tell their story.


Paper bag puppets are super easy to make with very little supplies!

All you need is a plain colored paper bag and decorations to turn your bag into a person or animal. Use the fold of the base of your bag as your puppet’s mouth (see photo below).

That’s it! Then put your hand inside the bag and grasp the base of the bag to move his mouth! So easy!


Or you can make adorable paper plate puppets. Like these unicorns, fish bowl, or turtle.


Or lastly, you can create this finger puppet hand! It is a great project for older kids and you can create several different characters with one glove.

You will need an old glove, felt pieces, and any other decorations such as permanent pens, googley eyes, and yarn for hair.

Trace the shape of each finger onto the felt color of your choice: white for a unicorn, tan for a boy, green for a turtle, etc, etc. Next cut out the felt finger shape.

Next decorate your felt fingers according to the person or animal that you would like to create! Have fun and get creative planning out the people that would be fun to have in your puppet show. Glue your pieces together with fabric glue or a hot glue gun.

When you are done with all of your characters, stick wax paper or pieces of cardboard into each finger of your glove to prevent the finger from sticking together. Then glue each character onto it’s respective finger with fabric glue or a hot glue gun. Allow to dry completely before removing the wax paper or cardboard.

Your glove is ready now!! All you need to do is to put your glove on and you can hide a character one at a time behind the other characters, or by lowering them, they can talk to each other and have an adventure. It’s a great tool for a wonderful puppet show!!


You can use a sheet, table, chairs or even build one from a giant cardboard box. Get creative, but don’t worry too much about the stage. Even a table will work just fine.


Next help them come up with a story to tell. You can use children’s books, make up your own story or tell a story from the Bible. The possibilities are endless!

Here is a stage, and puppets that my littles made all by themselves, and called us to come watch!


Then just sit back and watch! I am sure you will all have a lot of fun and few laughs as you create memories with this sweet activity.

Have a wonderful family evening full of laughter! Make sure to tell me how it went in the comments!

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