Bunny Bowling

Bunny Bowling!!

Spring is trying to arrive and these cute little bunnies are perfect for springtime fun or for Easter games.

We used them both for bowling and for a “knock down the cans” game with a baseball. They worked great in both cases.

They are easy-peasy to make, cute as can be and just add a festive touch to your Easter games.

You will need:

  • 6 white plastic milk jugs (or another liquid if it’s white)
  • Permanent markers (we used pink and black and white)
  • A pink pom pom tail
  • White and pink foam paper to make your bunny’s ears

Begin by drawing your bunny’s face! Make him cute, silly or scared! Have fun with their facial expressions.

Next add your ears and your tail. We used foam paper for the ears, but you can easily use construction paper if you prefer!

Now just set up your pins to bowl or knock over your bunnies with a baseball (or tennis ball for younger kids!). Add a little water or rice to your bottles to make them little harder to knock over. The more water or rice you add, the harder they will be to knock out. We are still adding slowly to our bunny collection, but even if you have less than 6 bottles (to build a pyramid), the game is just as fun!

That’s it! Have fun! There is a video on my Instagram account of our silly bunny games!

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