Calling all Super heroes…

It’s time for a Super Birthday party!!!

You can have so much fun with a super hero party! There are so many creative ideas to create and use. You can create a school for super heroes or send your little heroes off on an adventure to save the world! But whatever you do, your little one will feel super.

This party was so much fun! From the handmade superhero girl party favor bags, to the over the top crazy cute photo booth, the girls had a blast. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

To begin. I made a super hero comic book for each girl as the invitation. The girls could fill out their favorite color, the name of their hero, what their super powers were, where their hero lives, and much more! Then I asked their Mom’s to send a photo of their preferences ahead of time so I could pick the color of each cape and wrist band set (I let them choose between certain colors). The the girls brought their books with them to the party!


We started off with this adorable photo booth. We made a prison out of a giant cardboard box that we covered in black paper and cut out a window and put in bars made of dowels. My son obliged to be the bad guy and sat in the prison while each super hero took their photo with the birthday girl. It was big enough that the girls could actually play in it too.


While we were waiting for all the guests to arrive the girls took turns working on their superhero gear, and taking a photo in the 2 photo booths that we created.

The gear included:

  • Super hero cape
  • Super hero wrist bands (made from felt with adhesive velcro pieces)
  • Super hero masks

At each place I set their gear, with a label with their super hero’s name on it. I provided fabric pens and glue, puffy paint, felt decorations that I had pre-cut into shapes for them (lightening, heart, diamond, etc), and extra felt that they could cut as well. There were stickers, and jewels and pens to decorate their masks with.

They created their gear and then left it to dry while they did the photo booths.


Next we had dinner so that the heroes could fuel up for their big adventure! While we ate each girl shared what they had written in their comic book- their hero name, powers, etc.

To see more about all the fun themed food, hop on over to this post! Super hero food is a blast to create.

During dinner I explained to girls that someone had stolen all the jewels!! They were calling all super heroes to help solve the mystery and retrieve the jewels.


The first test for the girls was an obstacle “laser” course to test their agility. They had to weave through the lasers without touching them to retrieve the jewel clues at the end of the maze.

Finally someone for smart and slid on their stomach under the lasers to get the clues!! LOL

They loved this game!

When they had retrieved all of the jewels it was a puzzle. They had to put the letters together to figure out who had stolen the jewels- CATWOMAN!!


The next challenge tested their aim. They had to throw shields (frisbee decorated like a shield) to knock over a pile of tin cans with catwoman on them.

This took a lot of practice, but the girls were intense and wanted to improve and keep trying! It was great.


Next the girls had to prove their strength! There were three teams. Each team had to give their hero muscles by stuffing water balloons (filled with AIR) into an oversized shirt that they had pulled over their hero uniform!

This game was full of giggles and laughter! They had a blast and we laughed a lot over where their muscles ended up! The hero with the most muscles won the challenge.


Next they had to show their ability to be brave and quick enough to capture a bad guy. They broke up in teams and each team had to capture their “bad guy” with rolls of streamers. The bad guy could wiggle, but could not run away.

It was another hilarious game with lots of giggles!


The next game was a version of pin the tail on the donkey. Except that each girl had a different piece of the super hero’s gear that they had to try and pin on her with their eyes blindfolded. So her cape, wrist bands, tiara, mask, etc, etc.

There was A LOT of screaming and cheering involved in this game! LOL


Catwoman doesn’t want you to find the jewels! She has hidden a bomb that you have to defuse by using your super powers!!

They had to find the pinata bomb in the living room and then we played “hot potato” with the bomb. When the music stopped that hero could try and defuse the bomb using their super hero power (super smash, power kick, etc).

It was hilarious. They got more and more into as the pinata bomb didn’t break the first couple rounds. When the bomb was defused it was filled with pop rocks and super hero lollipops and superhero tattoos. Each girls could get one of each item so that it was fair. In the bomb were also the last clues to find the jewels.

They put the puzzle together and followed the clue to find the fìnd the hidden jewels- ring pops!

After they finished their adventure and found the jewels we had cake and opened presents together.

It was a super adventure for our little hero and all her super friends!

Have fun creating your own super adventures!


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