Easy Oreo Snowmen Cookies

These adorable Oreo snowmen cookies are super easy to make, cute as a button and tasty too! You will only need a few simple ingredients:

  • White melting chocolate
  • Oreo cookies (I used original, but you can use your favorite flavor).
  • Sprinkles, candy eyes, mini chocolate chips, M&Ms, etc to decorate your Oreos!

Begin by melting your chocolate. Melt in microwave safe microwave bowl at 30 second intervals, stirring after each interval. When your chocolate is smooth, without any chunks, dip your Oreo in the chocolate and tap off any excess.

Set the Oreos on wax paper to set. As the chocolate begins to dry make your little snowmen faces! I used mini chocolate chips, heart and star sprinkles, and orange M&Ms to make mine! I think the little guy with the heart mouth is my favorite!

Allow the chocolate to finish setting. That’s it! So easy and super cute! My kids love this Holiday treat!


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