Treasure Hunt at the Mall


10 December 2019

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Let’s Have a Llama fun!

Shopping party

This year I did a surprise party for my youngest. She woke up on her birthday and the table was already set. Her friends arrived shortly thereafter to surprise her with a pancake birthday breakfast! It was easy to prepare, the girls had fun and my daughter was truly surprised!

The fun has just begun! After breakfast the girls got freshened up and we headed over to the mall. In the car I explained the game- a scavenger hunt in the mall! When we got there the girls each got their own personalized Llama shopping bag, a snack and a waterbottle.

I explained the game and gave them their checklist. There were 4 challenges to complete. At the end of each challenge they received a clue. The clue would lead them to a special surprise. Once they figured out the clue, someone was waiting for them at the store to give them the surprise.

The challenge was a treasure hunt. They had to find 9 items each time before receiving the clue (a Christmas tree, a pink hat, a dog, a pack of sugar, etc), they could check off each item when they had taken a picture of it with their phone. They then ran back to the check point to receive their clue from Auntie. If they had found all of the items, then they received the clue (in these adorable bags I found at the Dollar store). The clue lead them to their surprise. For example the first clue said, <Start spreading the news. I’m leaving today. I want to be a part of it. “??????”. > The store was New Yorker. Then they found me waiting for them at the New Yorker with their prize in a Llama baggie. The baggie had a description of the prize each time. For example, the first baggie had a gift certificate and a note that said, “Best Friends share all of life’s greatest adventures. In fact they share everything, including clothes! You have X Euro a person to buy yourselves matching shirts!”

The first clue was for the New Yorker. Then for Flying Tiger, where they each got to pick out something fun. Then for the store to buy a snack and drink for everyone.

The last clue was my favorite. It was for H&M. It wasn’t my favorite because it was for H&M, but because of the prize itself!

To see more cute details, visit this link!

The girls got to pick out a Friendship shirt (they picked out a hoodie). A friendship sweatshirt is a shirt that a group of best friends share. They take turns (once a week, or once a month) to pass the sweatshirt from one friend to the next. Each friend sends pics to the group of themselves in the sweatshirt if they are traveling or doing something fun or just cozying up for a movie or a great dinner. And then the next month the next friend gets the sweatshirt. It’s super cute and fun and a great way to build friendship and memories and to share life together.

After the treasure hunt we headed back to our house to sing Happy Birthday, eat cake, open presents and play a little on the trampoline before their parents arrived to pick them up!

It was a really special birthday and one that I would highly recommend to anyone with teens or tweens.

The idea of a party like this might seem intimidating… too much to organize or too expensive. But it really is much easier than it seems! And as far as costs go… the money that I would have spent on decorations, party favors, activities, and food was invested in the scavenger hunt! It really did not cost any more than any other party, but was so much fun! The best part was that the girls were truly surprised and happy and so many memories to take home.

If you decide to try out a scavenger hunt birthday party let me know how it goes! It is well worth the time and organization!

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