How to Package your Christmas Gift the Fun Way!

Sometimes the way you wrap the gift is half of the fun!

If you have a gift that is showing up late (oops!) or a gift that is not possible to wrap (a trip, a car, or any other oversized item), or just want to give cash in a creative way, then these are a few fun solutions for you!

The first solution is a plastic ornament. Fill it with LOTS of snow, top it with a cute bow and package it or hang it on the tree. The trick is that you bury the money inside of the ball so that they cannot see what they are getting! I hid a bill and a bunch of change in this one, and with all the snow you couldn’t see anything! The funny part is watching them try to dig through the snow to find the present =) My son made a huge mess, but was laughing the whole time!

Another fun solution is the Surprise ball. Be sure to visit the other posts for more specific directions and a video on how to make your surprise ball! This time around instead of filling each layer of your ball with candies and small gifts, you can fill each layer with a note containing one of the letters of the object that you are gifting. For example if you are going on a trip to Disneyland, you can include 10 notes in your surprise ball with one letter on each (D, I, S, N, E, Y, etc). After they unwrap the surprise ball they have to solve the word puzzle and figure out what their gift is!

Another idea that we LOVE to do around here is a scavenger hunt for their gifts, or even just for one more important gift. Just hide the gift well and give them a cryptic clue and send them on their way. We always have a ton of laughs watching the kids scurry around the house, looking for their gifts!

The point is not to just focus on the gift itself, but to have some fun with it! Make receiving gifts a game! It adds more joy and laughter to your festivities!

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