Festive Holiday Bottles

Festive Holiday bottles for your Christmas table!

I love throwing holiday parties! I like to throw one or two for my kids and their friends, and host a gathering for our friends as well. There is something so cozy about fires, Christmas carols and cookies, and lights strung around the tree and house!

I will post some fun ideas for holiday parties over the next week! Be sure to stop back by.

The easy video tutorial for this super cute elf bottle is below:

Begin by removing the label from your 7up (or Sprite) bottle. Place it on top of green construction paper, and trace the label. If you prefer you can measure the label with a ruler and then use your ruler to trace the precise size on your paper.

For the Elf’s shirt:

Cut out your rectangle. Cut a long thin strip of black paper, the same length as your green paper. Cut a silver or gold belt buckle out of foam paper. Cut a collar for your elf’s shirt. Center the collar and the belt buckle on the green rectangle, and attach them with glue.

Glue the shirt on with hot glue where the label was previously.

For the hat:

Cut out a circle with a 8.5 inch diameter. I used our IKEA dishes and they worked perfectly. Cut your circle in half. Remove a smaller half circle from the center of your larger half circle. The smaller circle should be approximately 2.5-3 inches in diameter.

Measure a long thin strip of red felt for the rim of the hat. Glue your large half circle around the top of your bottle. The part with the circle cut out should be near the bottle cap. Make sure to leave space to easily twist the bottle open and shut. Add the red felt around the base of your hat with hot glue gun.

To finish off your hat add a red pom pom to the top of your bottle cap.

And now you have a cute little elf to sit at your table! Enjoy!

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