Thanksgiving Traditions

Why do you love Thanksgiving? What is your favorite part?!

We still celebrate Thanksgiving every year here in Italy. I love the chance to celebrate with friends and family, to rejoice and be Thankful and to eat stuffing (my personal favorite!).

This year I wanted a reminder staring back at me telling me: “Be thankful!” I don’t know. Maybe this Fall was a little busier, or I am a little more tired. I just need a reminder. Because I truly believe that there is so much to be thankful for. So much. I am thankful for…

  • God and His love for me
  • Sunshine
  • Family
  • Fall leaves and colors
  • Friends
  • My crazy kiddos
  • Chocolate

What are you thankful for?

To help remind me to be Thankful this year, I created these printables for the Thanksgiving table. Gray buffalo plaid because I just love it and my Mom just made me a super cute new runner for the table, and Thankful. Thankful written on these cute utensil holders. Thankful written on these cute place cards.

And thankful written on this cute little sign I made for the dessert table. Well, not exactly “thankful”, but this lovely quote by Melody Beattie that I just love.

And when we sit down to the table this year with friends and family, we are going to do this wonderful activity that we love. I created a printable, and on this printable each person can write all the things that they are thankful for as we sit and eat and chat. And towards the end of the meal we will have a sharing time. And each of us will share a few things we are thankful for and maybe even why we are thankful for those things. It is always a really special time of sharing in one another’s joys and victories. It is one of our favorite parts of the Thanksgiving meal.

All printables are available under free holiday printables.


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