What are you Thankful for?

A thankful heart is a happy heart. Be glad for what you have, that’s an easy place to start.

Veggie Tales, Thankfulness Song

Thanksgiving is around the corner! Fall is my favorite season of the year, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I love the traditional food, the day off, the time with family and friends and all the pumpkin food and desserts.

Most of all Thanksgiving is special because it is a chance to slow down and realize all that we have to be thankful for. It is far to easy to constantly be looking around you. To observe those around you and to compare yourself to them. Who has more Instagram followers? Better pictures? Funnier tweets? Travels more? Dresses better? It’s always been easy… to compare ourselves. But it is getting far too easy in this world of social media. Thanksgiving forces us to slow down and just be thankful for what we have… to count our blessings. And to realize that we may have forgotten that we have many blessings to count.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

Melody Beattie

So this Thanksgiving we are going to take time to be thankful. That is why we do this Thanksgiving tree every November! We hang our tree up in the living room and every day of November each member of our family takes just a second to write down one thing that they are thankful for!

It has been so good for us over the years. It changes our attitudes and hearts and helps us to focus on the good that we have and not the things that we desire. It reminds us of the good in one another and makes us just a tiny bit more joyful!

Would you like to join us?! This free printable is available in the printables section of the blog! Print it out, cut out your leaves together and starting being thankful. And please come back and tell me how it went! I can’t wait to hear!

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