A Little Monster is turning 2!

Do you have a little monster at your house, or on their way?! Then this is the party for you! This theme is so fun and there are so many ways you can take the theme and do something fun with it! This Mamma wanted the Monster Inc spin on her little monster theme, because her little guy fell in love with a Sully stuffed animal he got a year ago. I think it turned out so cute! I love the bright colors! His birthday was in August, so we threw him an outdoor party.

We started off the fun with a photo booth! Photo booths are a great way to remember your little one’s friends at each stage of growing up. You can capture all their little buddies and not worry about missing someone in a group shot. It is also a great way to honor your guests! They feel important when you want a picture with them! I created a lot of silly monster masks and props to fit this fun theme!

For little ones having too many activities planned can be overwhelming, and too few kid-size activities can be pretty boring. Some birthdays for little guys end up being about the adults. You can plan an easy kid-size party, that your little one will enjoy! I just planned three simple activities for the kids to do, plus a break for lunch and cake. Make sure to ask their Mamma’s to stick around or to enlist a few helpers. We had both. That way each little one had help with the activities, getting a drink or getting to the toilet.

Pin the tail on the donkey is the easiest game to adapt to any theme!! And kids of all ages still love it! We played pin the eye on Mike. Make sure to allow little one to pin the object on without a blindfold. Not being able to see can be pretty intimidating for little guys. If you have older kids you can use a scarf and give them a spin!

The second activity was water play! We set up several kiddie size pools and filled them with balls. His Mamma bought each kiddo a water play set to use as well, with mini watering can and bucket. The kids had time just to play with the water. They were in and out of the pools, playing with the balls and buckets and exploring the yard. I set up this adorable snack stand for them outside so they could easily reach their own water bottles, snack bags, buckets and bubbles. It was very relaxed, but they had plenty to do. We had a bluetooth speaker and played the birthday boy’s favorite tunes while they splashed around.

After water play the Mammas and helpers helped the kiddos get dried off and we went in for lunch and cake. We sang happy birthday and ate lunch. See this post for fun food ideas for a monster party! He loved his Sully cake and was ready to grab the candles as soon as we lit them! Since the kids were already inside and sitting around, we went ahead and opened presents as well.

After lunch and presents we headed back outside to make our very own Mike Wazowski! All you need are giant googly eyes, washable green paint, paper plates and green construction paper. The kids had a blast painting and the pools were still set up, so it was a breeze to just let them swim afterwards so they could wash off the paint. Just look at the joy on the birthday boy’s face!

Birthdays for little ones can be short and sweet. They tend to get tired and overwhelmed faster. So just plan a few simple, relaxed activities and play times and even the littlest monsters will have lots of fun!

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