Precious Cargo

Kid, you’ll move mountains! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way! 

Dr. Seuss, The Places You’ll Go
Precious Cargo in Arrival!

There is precious cargo on the way! This sweet baby shower theme is perfect for baby boy!! All of the items, from food toppers, to banner, to photo props, to wishes for baby, to advice for Mommy were handmade for the sweet Mommy-to-be.

As the guests arrived, they each took a turn taking a photo with the Mommy-to-be. The photo booth was made to look like fluffy balloon clouds floating above the sky, and adorable little airplanes flying by! I handmade the photo props for the occasion! My personal favorite was the “You are Here” icon! LOL.

Then as the guests walked in they began to fill out the Wishes for baby, and Advice for mom personalized note cards. Advice for Mom often turns out to be a bit ironic and humorous, but there are also helpful tidbits here and there. Wishes for baby is one of my favorite activities! Each person writes down their well wishes for baby. Then Mommy gets to keep these special notes in his baby book until he is older and can read the sweet messages from all his “Aunties”.

Oh the Places You’ll Go!

When everyone had arrived and found a place to sit, we had brunch. During brunch, I had asked everyone to come with a Bible verse or encouraging word for the sweet Mamma. So we took turns sharing sweet things to encourage Mom and help her feel ready and peaceful for the big day. My favorite treats were the adorable airplane and cloud cookies (topped with white and dark chocolate of course!), and the popcorn cones made with antique maps.

We played a few simple games. The first was guess the baby. I had asked each guest to send a baby picture of themselves to me ahead of time, and had them printed out. I numbered them and hung them on the door. Every one had to guess who was who. The winner won a small prize.

Next we played unscramble the baby word. There was a list of baby items, and the ladies had to unscramble the words. The person with the most correct words won.

Last we played Noun in a Bag, which consisted in acting out, and explaining the word you want your team to guess. It was pretty hilarious! The winning team also received a prize.

At the end of the party we had a small favor for everyone (homemade jam). It was a super sweet, relaxed time. And the Mamma-to-be was pleased, which is the part that makes my heart happy! We can’t wait to meet you Elias!

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