Big Hug Card

Sometimes when we live far away from someone we love it can be really frustrating or make us feel sad. We miss the normal little things like reading a story together, giving hugs, baking cookies with grandma or going for a walk with grandpa.

These feelings can feel big. And they feel even bigger sometimes because it is not a circumstance that we have the power to change. Like for example if we haven’t made an art project in a long time, that is a circumstance we can change! With our words we can tell Mom or Dad that we would like to do something creative.

Being far away from loved ones is not always a circumstance that we can change though. Because it is not a circumstance that we can control or change, then it is important to find little ways to make it easier. How?!

By showing our loved ones, who live far away, how much we love them, and finding ways to allow them to show us that they love us as well!

How could your loved ones make you feel loved this week?:

Try making a list with Dad or Mom of things your loved ones can do to make you feel more loved. Here are just a few ideas, but come up with several more of your own…

  • Call you on videochat
  • Send you a video message
  • Call and read you a story
  • Tell you a story in a video message so you can listen to it whenever you are missing your family- even when they are asleep!
  • Send you a letter by mail
  • Send an email
  • Send a care package with your favorite… (candy, book, etc)

Some of these same things you can do to show your love as well! Like a video call or sending an email. Another way to show your love is with this cute “Big Hug” card! Because your loved ones will always want a big hug from you!


  • Print out the printable from above
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Coloring pen

Print and cut out all of the printables.

You can trace and cut out the outline of your own kiddos’ hands or use the hand printable.

Glue the hands onto the coloured portion of the hug print-out.

Add a personalised message in the center- “I miss you Grandma! Here is a big hug from me to remind you how much I love you!”

Color the outside of the arms and decorate however you prefer!

Send the printable hug to your loved ones by mail. You can fold it up and send it on its way. If you live somewhere where it is difficult to rely on standard mail, have no fear! Make you project and send a photo of what you’ve made to Grandma and Grandpa. They will love it just as much.

This adorable printable card is perfect for sending hugs to grandparents, or get well wishes to sick friends!

Finding little ways to help your little ones stay connected to loved ones who live far away is important for their mental health, identity, sense of belonging and sense of being loved.

Even when they are not asking for it, find regular opportunities for your kids to connect with loved ones, and remember that this may be different for every family. A family with few relatives may need to connect with old neighbors, or best friends, or a loved teacher. A large family may need to schedule different times throughout the year to connect with different family members.

And when you’re done? Give your kiddo a real hug too. Because nothing beats a real hug.

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