Candy Kebabs

School is out! Celebrate your kiddos surviving the school year by making them a candy kebab! It’s a special treat for a special occasion.

They are really easy to make!

You just need kebab sticks and soft candy: marshmallows work great, but so do gummy candies.

Slide each candy onto your stick from the pointed end. Make sure you leave enough room for the stick to be held at the bottom. Place the last piece of candy over the point so that all you can see is candy! That’s it!! Super easy. And so much fun-

Use these free printable tags to print with your kebab! Tell your kids how proud of them you are. Especially after a year like 2020/21.

They have been so brave and courageous and flexible.

I am super proud of my kiddos! And I bet you are too.

These candy kebabs are also a fun idea for a party favor or a dessert table. You can use coordinating colors or candies to fit with your theme.

Happy summer y’all!

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