Chalk Art

I love how soft and sweet this art project turned out! It reminds me of conversation hearts…those pretty pastels!

We made hearts, but you can make whatever shape you would like! Fireworks for New Year’s Day, a star for Christmas, someone’s name to decorate your room! Get creative and have fun with this easy project!


  • Colored chalk
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s tape/masking tape

To begin…

Cut out your template and tape it securely to your canvas or construction paper. Make sure that you have a paper border all around your template. You will need the space to spread your chalk out.

Next begin by coloring right next to the edge of your template. Color a thick line, then with your finger spread the chalk outwards away from your template. You can alternate colors or use one color to create your chalk art. I created a sort of rainbow color theme for mine in pastels.

Continue around the border of your heart until you have covered the whole thing. Then remove your heart template.

I wanted to add some color to the inside of my heart. This step you can do with older kids. Cut out a template for the letters of a word (your name, love, i love you, etc) and tape it to the center of your heart.

Repeat the same process with your word template and then gently remove the paper template from your canvas to reveal your word!

I love how easy this project is! It is perfect fro all ages of children and is beautiful to hang for a little February artwork, or as a homemade valentine’s day card!

Happy Creating!

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