Christmas Traditions

Let me begin by saying that I am not really a Christmas china kind of gal. I don’t have space (mentally or physically) to store china that I get out only once a year. And so I love, love finding fun plates to use each year to brighten our table with a new theme…making each year unique.

Last year I found these adorable plates and cups at Maison du Monde during an after Christmas sale. So this year I decided to create my own labels and placecards to match the theme and decorate our Christmas table.

On Christmas day every year we have three traditions.

  1. Read the Christmas Story from the Bible
  2. Have a birthday cake for Jesus
  3. For the month before Christmas each of thinks and prays through what they would like to give Jesus for His birthday each year. . . which can be something tangible, like giving a gift to someone in need. Or it can also be a goal that you would like to set, such as working on being patient or generous or reading the Bible more.

These traditions have become a precious part of our Christmas celebration.

So this year I created place cards with a space for each of us to write down what we would like to give Jesus.

Then next year at Christmas when we write our new ones, we talk about how the year went and how we each grew.

We also love special time in family. This year was intimate with only a couple relatives because of covid restrictions, but it was joyful and blessed.

We enjoyed pasta al forno (Try this recipe if you haven’t yet!! It is amazing!), meat roasted on the barbeque, salad, cheese, veggies, fruit, roasted chestnuts and marshmallows and endless cookie treats!

It was a very peaceful time in family. I think we started eating at 2:30 and finished around 5:30! LOL

After lots of games and laughs we snuggled in our buffalo plaid jammies to watch Elf. Because that is another family tradition!

What are your Christmas traditions?

Merry Christmas to all!

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