With Love…

I grew up with a preschool teacher for a Mom. Which was the best thing ever because our house was always festive. When she would decorate her classroom for each season, or holiday, she would also decorate our house. I loved it. I love the changing colors, the festive signs and banners and little decorations here and there and I adored making crafts with her to celebrate each new season.

With Love…

And so now I love to do the same with my littles. I love to celebrate the change in seasons, one another, and each new holiday by crafting, creating some themed treat or decoration or starting a new tradition.

Why?! Why invest the time in these things?

I think it is a way to create memories. To build relationship. To laugh and make light of life instead of being constantly absorbed with school, homework, sports, work, chores, church etc, etc. And I cherish that time with my kiddos.

Like creating the Valentine’s day decoration! I was easy and fun. I made with the help of my youngest. You just need a few basic materials:

  • Small canvas
  • Pom poms (You can choose the size and color you prefer. We used mini and small pom poms, and reds, white and pinks for Valentine’s day).
  • Heart template
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Optional “Love” wooden word to add to the bottom of your artwork.

Begin by cutting out your heart template from construction paper. Trace the heart onto your canvas with a pencil or light colored pen. Begin by creating the border of your heart with your pom poms. We found the most success with a hot glue gun, but we did attach some with white elmer’s glue as well. You can try and see what works best for you and the canvas you are using. Once you have finished the border of the heart you can fill it in.

That’s it! You have a sweet decoration to put in your kid’s room or hallway to celebrate Love month. Make sure you join in on the Love Month Challenge!

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