Family Game Night!

It’s a little too easy to get sucked into the demands of each week, or to just binge watch something on Amazon or Netflix those rare nights that everyone is home.

So instead of just surviving the busy week, we decided to get proactive! We set up a family game night. . . complete with snacks, everyone’s favorite games and some new games too!

This week it’s Girls vs Boys!!

Send out an official invite to your fam, so they remember the family time and can get excited about it too!

Then we set up a score sheet to keep track of everyone’s points. You can keep it super friendly and skip the score sheet, especially with younger kids (or super competitive family members!), but it can be fun once in a while especially if the winning group gets a prize of some kind! We chose winning group gets to pick this weeks movie for Movie Night (which is a huge battle sometimes)!

The star of this week’s game night?! TABLE SCRABBLE!!

This version of scrabble is super fun and can be as competitive as you would like. You can divide up the letters in half (we used letters sets from 3 scrabble games, or you can order scrabble letters here), and give half to each team. Then set a stopwatch and see who can use up all their letters the fastest. Or our favorite version is to leave all the letters on the table and everyone has free reign over all the letters. Everyone makes as many words as possible as fast as they can. When all the tiles are used up, then each team counts up the point total that their words made. The team with the most points wins- or just add each point total to your score sheet if you are keeping track!

If you are looking for a less competitive version: Just leave all of the letters out and take turns forming words. The fun part about this version is that there is no limit to your letters, so you can you make the longest words possible.

It’s not a game night without snacks! This week we went for my easy pizza rolls and Ranch popcorn mix! There are a lot of other great snacks for a game night so be sure to browse through the recipes!

I hope you enjoy your game of Table Scrabble and most of all your family game night. It is a great way to laugh, create connection and have fun during our busy schedules. Because family is super important. And laughter is too! Enjoy your night!

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