Coke & Mentos

Coke and Mentos geysers are famous and a whole lot of fun! If you are looking for an easy experiment that is sure to be a success, then this is the one for you! It is explosively fun and kids love it! It is, however, quite messy. So, it is better to do it outdoors where you can easily wash up. You can try to put a tarp down, but being exploding liquid, a tarp may not do the trick! You will just need a few simple supplies:

  • Geyser tubes with different spouts (I found mine on Amazon).
  • Classic Mentos (you will need about 4/5 mentos per bottle of coke)
  • Coke (Diet coke works just as well)

The experiment only works once, so you will need 1 bottle of coke and 4-5 Mentos for each explosion that you wish to do. The coke is not drinkable afterwards. The explosion uses up all of the carbonation in the soda pop.

Begin by connecting your geyser tube to your coke bottle. Make sure that the valve is shut so that the Mentos cannot fall in yet. Put in your 4/5 mentos and place the spout on the tube. I got a geyser pack with different spouts. It was a lot of fun, because each spout had a different fountain effect. Pull the valve open and STAND BACK. It does splash and explode all over, so don’t stay too close! Just look at the kids faces!! That was the best part! Their reactions were so great. They had a ton of fun.

For the grand finale I used the spout with three holes. It was a sticky fun finale to his Mad Scientist party! It is, in fact, quite sticky. So avoid the kids walking through the explosion pathway!! Make sure you have your camera ready to capture their expressions! That is the best part by far.

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