Pokemon Party!

A Pokemon birthday celebration!

The perfect party for your Pokemon fan!

Start off with some fun customized printables….

I created these fun printables for the birthday boy! They turned out fun and he was happy, so yeah!

Begin each party with a photo booth…

Why? It is a great memory of who was at the bash (this way you don’t miss anyone in those candid shots), but it is an even more sweet thank you card! Print out the photo and send it as a Thank you for coming card to all of your guests!

Do something fun to welcome your guests….

Do something fun to make your guests feel excited to be there as they arrive to the party. A fun balloon arch is a beautiful way to say “Welcome! Come on in!” Add some themed decor near by or throw your party outdoors and your guests will be ready to party from the moment they arrive.

Plan a few organized (themed) activities!

Create a few organized activities for guests to participate in. Because yes, guests will mingle and eat, but quieter guests may have little do and energetic guests may get a little bored!

A few fun Pokemon ideas:

Make your own Pokemon table! Throw some pens, crayons, paper plates, construction paper glue, googley eyes, pom poms and other art supplies on a table and help your guests create their very own Pokemon!

Find the Pokeballs! Print 20 pokeballs on paper and hide them around your party space. Send your guests on a hunt to find all the balls. If you want to avoid competition, then limit the number each guest can find. If you like a little competition then set a prize for whoever find the most!

Freeze tag! Play a classic game of freeze tag. Except that you can use the Pokemon character names to freeze people or to thaw them out.

Pokeball frisbee: Create a pokeball frisbee (using a similar process to the direction in this post). Try and take out bag guy Pokemon, hit a target or make a basket with your frisbee.

Bonus activity: This party was outdoors and included parents and adult/teenage guests. The host had the wonderful idea of having a make your bouquet table! We set out several buckets full of different kinds of flowers as well as craft paper and ribbon and each guest could create a beautiful bouquet to bring home!

Eat cake!

This cake was so fun to make! I UNFORTUNATELY did not get a photo of the cake being cut open because it was a pinata cake! The Pokeball was hollow in the very center with miniature Pokemon figures and candy! The birthday boy was super surprised and of so happy!

Send them home with something nice.

The guests went home with a bouquet, a gift baggie with Pokemon goodies and the adorable and oh so easy marshmallow kebab party favors! The directions to make your own are on the blog.

I hope you found a fun idea for your Pokemon fan! Happy celebrating!

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