Themed food

10 Mar

Ninjago Party Food

Ninjago is a great theme and there are lots of fun ideas for food and drinks! Just add a little yellow face showing through your mask to create a Lego Ninjago on all different kinds of food! Cute and easy!! Like these water bottles…. these water bottle labels are just little Ninjago faces ready to […]


18 Jan

Art Party Food

If you are hosting an art party, there are so many fun ideas for creating themed food! Especially if you decide on a “Rainbow Art party” like we did” Rainbow food is colorful, often healthy and so much fun to make. And there are all kinds of “art supplies” that you can make as well. […]


17 Jan

Ruby Chocolate Valentine Popcorn

This pretty popcorn is as easy as it is festive! You will need three simple ingredients: Popcorn Ruby Chocolate Heart Sprinkles Have you ever tried Ruby chocolate? It is made with ruby cocoa beans and has a very unique flavor! It is truly delicious and perfect for making festive treats for Valentine’s day. Buy a […]


27 Sep

Cheat Recipe for Caramel Apples

Do you like caramel apples? I love them… in the sense that I love the way they look and smell and they remind me of fall. I love the reds, yellows and greens of the apples buried beneath the caramel. It makes it feel like Fall. When I think of caramel apples, it reminds me […]


1 Mar

Rainbow Popcorn

These colorful popcorn are perfect for any special occasion. The easy recipe can be found here. To make your popcorn match your party theme, whether that be your favorite sports team, your school colors or the color scheme of your birthday, bridal shower or wedding just use colored chocolate melts and check out this recipe […]


5 Jan

Frozen Party Food & Fun

Party food should be fun! Especially for a child’s birthday! I love creating fun themed food, like the various ideas you will find here below! Tasty Eats: A few great ideas for Frozen themed food are: Cookie cutter sandwiches in the shape of snowflakes Popcorn (snowballs) Mini Carrots (Olaf’s nose) Pretzel stick’s (Olaf’s arms) I […]


1 Apr

Super Hero Party Eats

Even Super heroes need to refuel! It’s easy and fun to create themed food for a super hero party! My little girl loves DC Super Hero Girls (the original ones, not the latest version). So we went with the super hero theme for her 9th birthday! We used a lot of generic super hero supplies […]


20 Mar

DIY Stenciled Cake Tutorial

Let’s get tropical!! I love monstera leaves! They are so giant, and beautiful. We wanted to feel like we were on some kind of tropical island yesterday so this was the perfect cake for the occasion. To make your own stencil: I printed an image from the internet and cut out THE IMAGE FROM THE […]


19 Mar

Easy Fondant Flowers

We needed a tropical escape this year, so this tropical theme for perfect for my girl’s birthday. I wanted to create buttercream monstera leaves on the cake, but it felt empty and boring when I was done. So I decided to add some fondant flowers. And they could not be easier to make!! I used […]


6 Mar

Wizard of Oz Party Food

[Dorothy Reaches to pick an apple from the apple tree, the tree grabs the apple and slaps her hand]Apple Tree: What do you think you’re doing?Dorothy: We’ve been walking a long ways and I was hungry and… did you say something?Apple Tree: She was hungry! Well, how would you like to have someone come along […]