Holiday Parties

1 Dec

Christmas: A season for giving

Christmas is a season for giving. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive. In honor of this season I want to share this unique advent calendar with you! Every day, instead of receiving a candy or some other small gift, your little ones can open their box and receive a simple challenge […]


16 Nov

Pumpkin craft for Preschoolers

This easy pumpkin craft is perfect for hand eye coordination for your littles. It is also great for decorating for the Fall or even to make a miniature version and use for a napkin ring at the Thanksgiving table! The steps could not be an easier!! And you only need a few supples: Orange and […]


11 Nov

Calendario del avvento

Quest’anno per contare i giorni fino a Natale fai qualcosa di diverso! Anziché comprare il solito calendario con il cioccolatino che si mangia ogni giorno, crei tu un calendario con bustine di carta, adesivi col numero e i regalini che scegli tu di compare per i tuoi pargoletti! è troppo semplice da realizzare e si […]


9 Nov

10 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities

Keep your little ones busy this Thanksgiving season with tons of super cute crafts. There are also a few fun activities with a great lesson for an attitude of gratitude in our families! Pinecone Turkeys are easy to make and a sweet keepsake made with your kiddos little handprints! You only need a few simple […]


29 Oct

Fall Leaf Turkey

Supplies: Leaves of various sizes and shapes Fall colored paint Paint brush White paper plate Brown paper Orange foam paper Googley eyes Glue Directions: Begin by collecting your leaves with your kiddos. Gather several different shapes and sizes while you adventure out on a Fall walk together. When you get home make sure that your […]


28 Sep

Cute Scarecrow Craft

Create your own adorable scarecrow craft to decorate your home this Fall season. Supplies: Wooden craft sticks Glue gun or white Elmer’s glue Googley eyes Paint (pink, brown, black) Black permanent marker Felt Yarn Directions: Place 5 wider wooden sticks or 6-7 narrow sticks in a row vertically. Lay one stick on top horizontally at […]


27 Sep

Cheat Recipe for Caramel Apples

Do you like caramel apples? I love them… in the sense that I love the way they look and smell and they remind me of fall. I love the reds, yellows and greens of the apples buried beneath the caramel. It makes it feel like Fall. When I think of caramel apples, it reminds me […]


1 Apr

Dying Easter Eggs

Have a little extra fun this year dying your Easter eggs! Create themed eggs! We had fun this year creating a few characters for our eggs! Create your own characters with us! It’s easy and fun. Supplies: Hard boiled eggs Food coloring Vinegar Edible pens are great for adding details like a smile, eyes or […]


17 Mar

Whipped Cream Easter Eggs

Dye your Easter eggs with this unique technique & strange ingredient! This technique is a lot of fun and your kids will enjoy playing with the whipped cream! Supplies: Food Coloring Whipped cream Large pan (at least a 9×12) Hard boiled eggs Plastic gloves First hard boil your eggs and then allow them to cool. […]


31 Jan

Valentine Card Holders

Love Month Challenge 2021! Before we get to the fun part and see how to make these too cute love note holders, let’s talk Love Month Challenge. According to the work of John Gottman and Robert Levenson, who closely studied the effects of negativity with couples, the suggested ratio is 5:1, meaning that for every negative encounter, there should be a […]