Valentine’s Day Gnome

Create this adorable Valentine’s Day gnome for your sweetie. . .it’s perfect for kiddos, hubby or your wife!


  • Cozy socks with a Valentine theme (hearts, cupid’s arrow, etc)
  • Glass jar
  • Your sweetie’s favorite candy (stick with red or pink to keep it extra festive)
  • Beard material
  • Wooden bead for the nose
  • Glue gun
  • You can also create the same gnome with a bottle of wine, champagne, or a favorite soft drink for your kiddo. Visit this link to see how to do it with a bottle.

Fill your jar with candies and place the lid on top of it.

Glue the beard onto the front of your jar. Add a wooden nose to the front of the beard.

Place one sock inside of the other sock. Slid the socks down the jar until it is touching the beard and wooden nose. Position the sock so it looks like a droopy gnome hat.

Place it in a fun Valentine’s Day bag and give it to your honey!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And happy creating!

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