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DIY Mason jar Craft Summer is almost here! Yeah! I am so excited that school is almost out. Summer reminds me of sunshine and fresh fruit and especially watermelon and pineapple. We made these too cute jars to celebrate! The larger size are perfect for pencils or a party table, and the mini jars are […]


Italian Life

Donut & Shopping

A quale teenager non piace fare lo shopping?? Ed i donut!? A le mie ragazze piace fare lo shopping e la mia figlia piĂą grande adora i donut! In fatti, ogni tanto li fa lei o li facciamo insieme. Quindi quest’anno per il suo compleanno aveva il desiderio di avere le sue amiche a casa […]



Candy Kebabs

School is out! Celebrate your kiddos surviving the school year by making them a candy kebab! It’s a special treat for a special occasion. They are really easy to make! You just need kebab sticks and soft candy: marshmallows work great, but so do gummy candies. Slide each candy onto your stick from the pointed […]


Italian Life

Educazione e Disciplina

Di recente io e mio marito abbiamo avuto l’opportunitĂ  di condividere sulla disciplina per una seria su Youtube sulla genitorialitĂ . Quando chiesto: Descrivi lo stile educativo messo in atto nella vostra casa? (valori fondanti, principi su cui non c’è da negoziare, situazioni in cui avete spinto all’autonomia, ecc.)  Però in un video breve con 4 […]


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Hi, I’m Dolceamericana, or Carli to my friends. I am so glad you are here! I am a Mamma of 3, who loves baking, crafting and creating events! I am here to help with all your creative needs and dilemmas! I have lots of party planning suggestions, printables for all your hosting needs, and fool-proof recipes. You will also find fun activities for your special event, or to do with your littles at home. And of course, creative parenting tips and a snapshot of my Italian life.



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