Cute as a Button: Games & Activities

There are some great and easy games to go with a doll theme, button theme or sewing theme.

We found several cute activities for this Cute as a button birthday bash.

Photo Booth:

We always start with a photo booth! It’s the perfect way to capture memories with all your child’s friends.

No-sew Doll Skirts

This was a super sweet and easy activity for the girl to do. All you need for materials is: hair elastics, and material cut into long strips.

Cut your material into strips of 7 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.

Next fold the strip in half. Place the folded end under the hair elastic. Pull the two loose ends through the folded end of the hair elastic and tighten.

Keep adding strips of material until you skirt is full and fluffy. They are especially pretty with tulle! It looks like a ballerina skirt!

This activity requires a little prep on your part ahead of time, but they are really easy to make and your girls will have a blast creating new clothes for their dolls! And since their is no sewing required, even young children can make this simple no-sew skirt.


“Button, Button. Where’s the Button?”

To play this game you only need a button. One person leaves the room. Then the group chooses who will hide the button. When the person who is “it” comes back into the room, everyone has their hands out in front of them with their fists closed tight. The person who is it has to guess who is hiding the button! Super easy but the kids absolutely loved this game. They all wanted a turn to guess.

“Tightrope Walk”

This was such a fun game! Everyone had a Peanut Big Top balancing on a button paper doll attached to their tightrope (a long piece of string). The objective was to move the paper doll from one end of the string to the other where their partner was standing. The first team to get the doll across the tightrope won!

The Human Knot

You begin with everyone holding hands in a circle. Someone is it and has to leave the room. Then everyone begins twisting themselves WITHOUT ever letting go of each other’s hands. So you can step over someone’s arm, or twist around, or put your arms around another player in the group. Then you can the person who is “it” back in and they have to try and untangle the group. No one can let go of hands during the game!

This is a hilarious game which is a ton of fun to play in a group!

Button Twister

The last game while I got the food set up was Button Twister. The girls went into my daughter’s room and played Twister (we drew dots on them to make each circle look like a button), while I set up dinner.

Next we settled down for dinner together. To see all the fun themed food, make sure and visit the post about Cute as a button party food.

After dinner we had to more projects to do before cake and presents!

Button Jewlery

We made button hair clips, button rings, button bracelets and necklaces. The girls had a ton of fun creating their button creations! Some of them turned out quite beautiful.

Create Your Own Lalaloopsy Doll

The last activity while we waited for the Moms to arrive was to create their own Lalaloopsy doll. I created and drew the basic doll body shape on a piece of paper. Then the girls could use buttons, material, coloring pens, yarn, ribbon and more to create their own dolls. They used all the materials to create hair and clothes for the dolls and glue them on the paper. They turned out really cute! The girls were so creative!

It was a sew sweet party! I am thankful that the birthday girl was so pleased! I hope you can find a few fun ideas for your next birthday party! A lot of these activities would fit well with another theme.

Happy party planning!

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