Cute as a Button: Party Food

Fun ideas for eats and treats at a Cute as a button party (Lalaloopsy doll birthday)

Creating food for this little party was lots of fun! We stuck with the cute as a button theme. Using spools of thread, string, ribbon and buttons to decorate everything from cups, to forks, to water bottles.

They were definitely, “Cute as a button”! I also printed several images of my daughter’s favorite Lalaloopsys on adhesive paper and used them to decorate jars and other containers for the forks, and button lollipops.

Making themed food for a party is easier than it looks. We tried to create food that fit with each doll. Like Elephant’s peanuts (Elephant is Peanut’s pet), or Peanut’s popcorn or Mouse’s cheese, etc. Think of what makes your character unique, what are their favorite hobbies, or treats, or pets. What is their weapon or super power? Where do they live? Then create things that represent those answers… Like Peanut and Elephant are circus performers. So Popcorn and Peanuts were perfect for them. But the doll who is an artist could just as easily have a “paintbrush” themed food to represent her.

Last I made a lot of button food! I made two different kinds of button cookies and button peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well.

One of favorite things were the spools of thread!! They were marshmallows dipped in melting chocolate sandwiched between two cookies. They turned out adorable!!

And of course the cake!! Making the cake is always one of my favorite parts of party planning. I let the kids give me a general idea of what they might like, but then I surprise them. I won’t let them look at what I have created until I bring it out for the party! It is always a special surprise!!

This time I made a cake to look like one of the Lalaloopsy dolls. It turned out cute and my daughter absolutely loved it! I made the cake with chocolate cake, fondant, and rice krispie treats.

If you make the food fun and the meal time relaxed and celebratory, then it can be a huge part of what makes a birthday special. It is that moment when everyone sits down and interacts. They can talk and eat and laugh and spend time just relaxing and having fun as they live the world of their favorite characters.

Happy party planning! Have fun creating themed food and making your little one’s day extra special.

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