Easy Activities for Quarantine Life

Here are a few of my favorite activities to do while in quarantine!

Make Putty or Snow

These alternatives to slime is a little less messy! Follow the links to read the directions for how to make your own play snow or putty! It is fun to make, and keeps little hands busy for a while as they mold and play with their creation!

Build a City or a Castle with recycled materials

Use up all those Amazon boxes and toilet paper rolls for a good purpose! Create a castle or a city with recycled materials and then have fun playing with it afterwards!

Go on a Sandy Vacation with Magic Sand:

If you missed your tropical escape this Spring, try making some kinetic sand with your kiddos! It’s easy to make with only a few ingredients that you can easily order online.

Bake and Decorate Some Sugar Cookies!

An easy afternoon activity is to bake and decorate some sugar cookies. Just make the dough and then pull out your cookie cutters and let the kids have fun rolling and cutting out shapes. Then add some frosting into a few bags and set out some sprinkles to decorate them with once they are done baking! It’s easy and yummy!

Grow Your Own Plants

Help your kiddos learn how to take care of something by planting a lentil or bean seed and watching it grow! It’s easy and few materials are required and it teaches responsibility as well.

Do Some Science Experiments!

Not all science experiments are complicated or require tons of materials. But they are often lots of fun and always good for teaching your child new things. Try a few science experiments this week. There are several on the blog, like this balloon experiment.

There are so many fun ways to engage your children during the day! And many of them don’t even require a trip to the store. Be creative and make this time fun. Because yes, it is REALLY hard. But it is also a moment that we often long for…to slow down. We always have so much to do, and often have to little time for our families. Now we have the opportunity to dedicate some time to one another and just enjoy the present moment!

Happy creating!

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